What is Plan today, Power tomorrow?

“Plan today. Power tomorrow.” is a regional energy awareness project.  It is one way electric utilities are coming together to educate people in the Northwest about the realities of future energy challenges.

This project was created and is being carried out by PNUCC (Pacific Northwest Utilities Conference Committee) on behalf of its members.


Just a flick of the switch and it’s there.  Most of us take electricity for granted, but a lot goes on behind the light switch.  Electric utilities have for decades engaged in comprehensive long-term planning and invested in research, infrastructure, and technology to ensure that we all have safe, reliable, and affordable power. 

Utilities today face a significant challenge. They must simultaneously meet the rising demand for energy, achieve environmental goals, and keep electricity dependable and affordable. 

With so much at stake, it is more important than ever for policymakers and the public to understand the state of the Northwest power system.  As we look ahead, the facts are: 

  • Our energy needs are growing and changing,
  • More resources and technologies are the solution,
  • and rising costs are a challenge we’ll face together.